Lamp for knitting in the dark

I present to you the last of the many tested by me and at the moment the best device for solving this pressing problem. Those who, like me, regularly have to spend several hours in the car or in the dark, understand the full extent of its urgency.


I have been searching for a long time, buying up and testing in the field almost all lighting devices with the necessary set of characteristics – quite portable, having the ability to mount and not heavy. I must tell you that they all do not justify themselves so that I recommend them to you.

So far, this flashlight with a clip has proved to be the most acceptable . But he has two very significant drawbacks.
Firstly, although it is mobile with respect to the clip, but it is practically a bit hard to direct it to that particular point where it is necessary to make it shine.
Secondly, it shines in all directions evenly. On a dark night road this means that he blinds the driver and deprives him of a view to the right. As you know, this is no good.


This lamp initially shines not in all directions in plus or minus in the right direction. According to the driver’s response, not that he did not see her at all, but, nevertheless, it does not deprive him of the opportunity to see the road and the mirror on the right.
I knit using this lamp for almost five hours of an inconvenient night road, I can say that there is enough light from it; this design is uniquely the most convenient of all; she practically does not weigh anything, accordingly, from it you do not get tired.

Specifically, this model has a significant drawback while I’m alone, and that potential one – in the photo it looks much more reliable, and when you take it in hand, it turns out that the materiel not too great but according to the price you get what you paid for. So far, nothing has happened to it, but actually she seems very disposable. I bought it here:


It was on an advertising link in the Facebook. And finally in my opinion i would recommend it specially for the reasonable price!


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